Faith Baptist Church
Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Meet The Staff

Bro. Trey has been serving Faith Baptist Church for over ten years. He leads with passion and excitement doing God's work! The Lord called him here on May 20, 2006. He comes from Walker, LA. where he was born and raised. Yes, he has the education degrees behind His name, but he does not allow those things to become his credentials of why he does what he does. As he would tell you, he preaches Jesus in Power, simply because it is the Power of God unto salvation (1st Corinthians 1:18). Outside of Bro. Trey's relationship with Jesus Christ, the greatest person he knows is his wife Hollie! She is a humble servant of the Lord who is by her husband's side in all walks of life! We know he could not make it without her and we praise God for Mrs. Hollie! If you would like to talk to Bro. Trey, he would be delighted to do so.
You can call Him at 225-324-8966 or email
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